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Elkhart: The Movie" is an insightful and heartwarming documentary featuring podcaster Derek Releford's journey back to his hometown, Elkhart, Kansas. Having been away for over 20 years, Derek's connection to Elkhart has never waned, always keeping a watchful eye on the well-being of this town he dearly loves. The film delves into a troubling trend: the steady decline in Elkhart's population, with an annual loss of approximately 150 residents, leading to numerous empty homes and abandoned storefronts. The root of this challenge lies in the scarcity of local industry.

This story is not just Derek's, but a family affair. Together with his wife Stephanie and their two sons, Race and Doc, they embark on a crucial mission: to reinvigorate Elkhart. Their goal is to turn it into an attractive destination for today's digital nomads - professionals who have the freedom to work from anywhere with an internet connection. "Elkhart: The Movie" pitches an enticing idea: keep your big-city income while embracing the serene pace of small-town life.

The production of this documentary is a testament to the family's dedication, fully self-funded by Derek's Back Home Media. Yet, the doors are open for anyone who wishes to contribute to the rejuvenation of Elkhart. Contributions are welcome in any form, be it financial, intellectual, or through moral support.

"Elkhart: The Movie" goes beyond being just a documentary. It is a clarion call for the revival of small-town America, a celebration of Elkhart's resilient spirit, and a personal tale of homecoming. The Releford family extends their heartfelt gratitude for the continued support and invites you to join them in this meaningful and transformative journey.

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